About the Museum

Photo courtesy of the Marine City Museum

The Marine City Museum is about as small as they come. The building itself was built as a one-room schoolhouse in 1847. It has served a variety of purposes and has even been moved since then. It has a main room, an annex, and a basement. Several added walls allow the museum to pack a lot of objects into its limited space. There are about 8-10 volunteers that show up every week on Wednesdays to work on various projects and a social coffee hour.

There’s always several projects going at once from cateloging objects to collecting obituaries to basic maintenence to dioaramas.

More information about the museum as well as events can be found at www.marinecitymuseum.com

About Me

My name is Genevieve and I volunteer at the Marine City Museum. My connection to the place the museum serves goes back more than five generations. to the point where I’m basically related to half the town and a good chunk of the volunteers at the museum including myself (it’s six generations back, it’s not that weird I promise). I’m getting a masters degree in Museum studies. I have a bachelors in both microbiology and history. And this blog is to cronicle my efforts in bringing our small museum into the 21st century.

On a more personal note, here’s some other things about me. My hair is usually some shade of purple. I have two dogs, and a cat. My husband is a history professor, who writes about comics and labor history. I love to sew, mainly clothes. One of my favorite things to do is turn a garment no one wants and to reinvent it into something amazing. I also crochet, and do all sorts of arts and crafts. I frequent garage, estate sales and thrift stores to get not only the bulk of my clothes but my furnature as well. Why buy new when I can buy preloved or make it myself?